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What Teacher Had the Most Impact on You?998

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My daughter finished the first grade. Normally kids come out of the first grade wanting to be teachers. No?

Not for my daughter. It surprised me how much and how vocal she was at not liking her teacher. Especially for a 7-yr old.

it got me to thinking abt teachers who have had am impact on me and my life. I have come up empty.

There is no one teacher who mentored me, took me under their wing, made me feel like I want to be like them.

How about you? Who's the teacher you wanted to be like? What was it in them that you wanted in you?

Did you get it?
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In 2nd grade, I had a school librarian (Ms.Simonchini) take me under her wing. When she noticed that I was indifferent to the books being read to my class, she took me aside, questioned me, and gave me homework in the form of book reading assignment. She asked me what questions I had that weren't being answered and what I was interested in.

I started with Dahl, had some classics thrown in, and ended up with Ayn Rand (I really didn't understand the underlying concepts very well, but she helped me learn to read it), she would question me in the hall, held me accountable to my promises to read, and would challenge my answers to her questions- she wanted me to articulate my thoughts with speech, and wanted me to form more well rounded opinions on things.

She cared, she valued me, she challenged me, she gave me something worthwhile to do.
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And the results are evident in your writing now. Give her a call or write her a letter and let her know her time invested in you was sell spent.
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