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Where to Start to Make/Sell Product Online?898

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I am feeling a lot of pressure to make and sell a product online.

When people ask me to speak for them they want to know, "Do you have a product to sell?"

When people ask to reach out to my list (I have one) they say, "I will send your product to my list."

I have a sizable list, a website, reach, an expertise. I don't have a 'product' such that people can come to my site, hit buy, download and go on with their lives.

People write books, create products then go looking for someone to sell it to.

I have people waiting for me to create something to sell to them.

Where do I start?
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Every time you give a class you have enough material for a book. I usually get the book because I'm reminded of what I learned (Heard but don't remember) in the class. Check out Sean D'Souza. This guy does a book about almost everything.

Is there a takeaway you want when you listen to someone?
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Interesting idea. A mini - book to go with every presentation.
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It never occurred to me that attendees might want to buy the book or some sort of reinforcement of what it was they just learned.

Thanks for the idea.
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Bill, I met you in your trial class and at the Bagel place.

You are down-to-earth instructor and faithful fellow.

I think an Ebook or Video Training (one-time or subscription) would work.

I bought hundreds of information products these years. The market is there.

I know your stuff is legit and helpful.
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Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. This is just the kind of feedback I need.
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First, you can hire a ghost writer. We work with a few of them at Chapters To Go ( They are not cheap but they can take your speakers notes and work them into a book for you.

Next, there are a number of good sources of PLR -- Private Label Rights -- material that you can put your name on (and edit for content and voice) to have something to distribute without the time or cost of producing your own.

Here are a few of the better sources:

And finally, if you are going to produce your own products, Brenden Burchard has an excellent program called Total Product Blueprint. It's expensive, and not for everyone, but I suspect for you, Bill, the free intro videos themselves would give you all the information and ideas you need to move forward on your own.

It's an opt-in deal; email address in exchange for access to the videos, but Brendon doesn't abuse the relationship. I'm on three of his mailing lists and I sometimes find myself wondering if/when the next item from any of them is going to come.

Brendon's material is always good, always over delivers. His Experts Academy and 10X Wealth Building sessions were powerful motivators for those who need/crave that sort of thing. I'm guessing you are already doing that sort of thing yourself anyway. You seem to have created your own motivation pump. Nice.
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This is really good stuff. Thanks much. Burchard comes here to our area a couple of times a year. I think I read that he rents a space for all his equipment at some local conference center.

I have been to his Experts Academy by invitation of a friend. Now I think I should have paid more attention. The very loud introduction was hard for me to get by. But many people like the 'pumped up' feeling.

I will take a closer look.

Thanks for all the tips.
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Prepare a DVD with a video of the lesson beforehand and sell them at the end of your talk.
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Books are priced at ~$20

Online video courses are priced at ~$97 to ~$2,997

Live seminar training is priced at free to ~$4,997

Coaching / one-to-one consulting is priced at whatever the market will bear.

I think a book is a waste of time. An online video course has much greater value.

You can stack the online course plus a live video seminar and earn a great deal.

Remember -- Buyers are very happy to pay for the same content delivered differently. If you do not offer these options, you are disappointing your customer, who will then go find someone else.
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With info like this I know why we talked today!
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