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What would you do with 12,000 members?888

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Seriously. ... a friend and I have a combined membership of 12000 people for our local Meetup groups in Silicon Valley.

They are primarily business - minded members.

Suddenly I am getting 'suggestions' from quite a few directions on what I should do.

What like would you do with a group this size of people wanting to grow their business acumen?

Got ideas?
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Time for a funnel!
The funnel you design should segment a group of this size into smaller areas of focus.
Certainly you'll also want to generate well-being among members through ongoing networking and relationship building.
You are the 'hub' of this group -- the more you can connect provider A to person-with-need B, the more you enhance your influence (Klout, lolz) and the more people come to respect and rely upon you for your Rolodex.

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The groups are segmented by Meetup topic. There is some overlap to be sure. But segments are there.

funnels. ...hmmm
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@dono2081 Fantastic idea! You have everything you need to fire things up:

1) You have a network of professionals of varying levels of experience and the altruistic or self-promotional nature of people will never leave you with a shortage of people wanting to share their experience.

2) As @dono2081 said better get these people into smaller groups, divide by interest and experience level (determine interest by conducting a survey with both proposed topics and a fill in area to make a suggestion (create an on-line form, track the responses) this way you can set a portion of the agenda with them feeling like their voice is recognized and their pain points are being addressed. Test to see what works, do more of what receives positive feedback, drop what is not being received well. Encourage more experience individuals to participate in the foundational groups, this creates an opportunity for mentorship, networking, and goodwill.

3)Rock this. You're not supposed to be the expert in everything, organize people who are masters in their domains, giving them teaching/mentoring opportunities will increase their engagement and interest in participating and really engaging.
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Great idea. Keep 'em coming.
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Not only is it 12,000 Meetup members... it's growing organically by about 25-30 people a day! That's each day 25 people sign up.

My friend tells me that most people have the 'idea' but not the people to present it too.

I have the people ... waiting for me to tell them what the idea is.

enviable position? Perhaps.

But still challenging.
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