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I got asked in an email ... what do I think of long-winded, er longer posts?

Asking me ... How long should blog posts be for best results?

This is my response.


When was the last time you did a search and found the results in the 300th, 400th, 800th or 2000th word section?

If you are writing 2000 words you are doing it for reasons other than appealing to search.

It's ridiculous to think that a 2000-word answer to a 200-word question is better just because it is longer.

The ideal length of a blog post should be whatever it takes to satisfy the search query and the reader ... and no longer.

How many times have you abandoned an article because it was too long and you got tired of reading for the information you sought out?

You might remember the case study of my friend who writes 1000 word articles daily ... ignores everything I say ... and now gets 5000-10000 visits a day .... it took him 10 years. If you have that much time, write long and take your time.
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You ever notice that we come in all different sizes but our legs are most often just long enough to reach the ground. Take a clue from nature.
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The challenge with long articles is that it needs concentration to read. I tend to read whatever is above the fold". If I find interest, then I'll keep reading or stop in the middle of the
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With more and more ppl reading stuff on their mobile phones, content is getting more and more concise ...not longer.
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