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Monika Lewinsky: The Price of Shame841

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I have started doing some research for my Shanghai seminars on digital storytelling and somehow (we all know this happens) I ventured into YouTube, then the sidebar ... and there was a TED talk by Monika Lewinsky on The Price of Shame.

She made, imo, quite a few poignant comments.

She quoted some guy who's name I don't know how to spell (Moskovski?)

"Even in small numbers, when there is consistency over time, change can happen."

Yeah...we marketers try to do just that. Make change happen. By consistently reaching out to a few, sometimes many.

Lewinsky is trying to affect a change of her own. Watch the talk if you are interested to know.

I couldn't help as I watched her talk but think, as a dad, what if it were my little girl who made the same kind of mistake?

Hey who hasn't made a mistake when they were 22?

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Hmmm... mistake? Or choice. Certainly, at the time, it appeared to be a "wrong" choice, but where would this apparently intelligent, obviously articulate, 40-something woman be today had she chosen otherwise?

We are the sum of the outcomes of our choices. Failing to make choices because we may be afraid of what those outcomes might be would be the greatest shame.

I am impressed by Ms. Lewinsky's choice to take hold of her life and deal with what she has been given, and chosen. Thanks for sharing this excellent presentation.
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I was surprised....and impressed as well.
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