I am one of the speakers for the Funnel Industry Conference & Expo.

F I O P S: Funnel Industry Conference & Expo

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Identify | Measure | Strategize | Optimize | Expand | Loyalty | Evangelize

Good Day,
Pleased to invite you to F I O P S:
Funnel Industry Conference & Expo.

Creating brand evangelists through the funnel.

August 6-7, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Several amazing marketing executives will be present, big data, and predictive analytics leaders will be present, both in a speaking capacity and as attendees. This is THE OPPORTUNITY to discover the ways and means to execute the many aspects of your sales/marketing/purchase funnel, the customer journey and connect with your peers and colleagues in our industry.

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Session examples:

The New Marketing and Sales Funnel
Super Funnels: Predictive Analytics and Lead Scoring
Brand Funnels: Brand Wealth and Brand Health
TunnelVision: Overcoming Sales Funnel TunnelVision



Register Now at https://fiops.com

Learn to facilitate marketing and sales funnel knowledge that helps you improve your customer’s journey resulting in:

Reduced Acquisition CostsEvangelizing Leads
Prevention of Funnel Leaks
Customer Generation from Leads
Increase and Extend Customer Lifetime Value

Register at https://fiops.com