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Lora and I earn our entire living online. We have done so for nearly 15 years, working from an office in our home. It is great opportunity and wonderful freedom. Our business is multi-facetted, though mostly dealing with online presence and ecommerce -- our own, and helping others do the same.

Along with Website development since the earliest days of the World Wide Web, I have also done a little work with SEO. Some people might call me an SEO expert. The thing is, I have done very little work right here in Hutch. Though we live here in town, you'd hardly call me the Hutchinson SEO expert.

Last December an interesting thing happened. While driving, Lora heard an ad on the local radio station for an SEO company. The voice over extolled the virtues of good SEO for local marketing and went on to explain that the guy behind the company behind the ad was an SEO expert so sure of his skill that he wasn't even going to tell you the company name. Just Google "Hutchinson SEO" and he was confident you would find him.

Now that's confidence. So I tried it. And sure enough, there was one company in spot one, and spot two, and spot three for that search term and dominating the return pages for just about any other reasonable local term I could come up with for searching SEO in Hutchinson KS.

But something caught my attention. While the primary term his ad had promoted was Hutchinson SEO, the name of his company wasn't. And so I wondered if the domain name might not be available. There are two other Hutchinsons in the country, and probably a few others throughout the world, so the odds were against it but I check anyway.

Sure enough, was available. I registered it immediately. That was on a Saturday afternoon. By that evening I had a website up and running, name servers set, the domain propagated, and SEO underway. By the middle of the next week Hutchinson SEO was on the first page and pushing for spot number one.

Needless to say, an old fashioned range war began as the other guy pit his skill against mine and the battle for top spots heated up. I had to plus of having the keyword in the domain name. He had three years on me for domain age. He had lots of content rich pages already established and I was starting from scratch.

Today, if you search for Hutchinson SEO, I'm most often in top spot. That might make me the Hutchinson SEO expert but if you search for Hutchinson SEO Expert he gets spot one. Hutchinson SEO Experts is mine and so are Best Hutchinson SEO Expert, Hutchinson SEO Service(s) and several others.

Additionally, through a little applied SEO to a number of other sites I own or control, my content and contact information dominates the first page for almost every term whether I have spot one or not. In fact, between the two of us, my Hutchinson SEO expert friend and I have pushed nearly every other SEO competitor and directory from the first page.

Besides a simple flexing of ego, and an opportunity to validate what I thought I knew, the exercise has been fruitful in producing some local contact and business. I guess that was what the point of it was supposed to be. But it really is more about the doing than the bottom line.

The fun continues...

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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev Love the style ... how foolish must that guy feel every single time he sees your websites and goes, I should have registered that domain name ...
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Finish this sentence.

And now you know the ....
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Member morrnel private msg quote post Address this user
Good story, @Rev.
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Member andreyseas private msg quote post Address this user
Wow. Very fun story. Thanks @Rev!
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
Love the collaboration work. I wish there is a collaborator whom I can work with. Lonely
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