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Hello experts!

Can you please help me with the following questions?

1. I was wondering if there are advantages using one instead of the other?

2. What's the best/cheapest way to use wordpress without having the name?

I know that goDaddy offers the hosting platform for wordpress but for a fee per month.

Thank you!
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Blogspot is Google. Wordpress is Automattic. Both are revenue generating companies.

Using Blogspot and may one day have the same fate as My Space. So, I have never taken either seriously.

You can point a domain to the, but you need to purchase the domain name you want. I am not certain if wordpress charges for that feature.

Wordpress has a revenue generating component to the ".com". I am not certain if that is the case with blogspot.
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Blogspot and Wordpress (Dot Com) are free blogging platforms. Both are quality services provided by market leaders. If you just want to run a basic blog for personal or very limited business purposes either is fine. I would suggest WordPress, however, as it is an easy move to self-hosted WordPres CMS (Dot Org) should you ever decide to do so.

If you are not prepared to get your own domain name (about $10 to $35 per year) and your own professional hosting (about $6 to $15 per month) for a self-hosted website (WordPress recommended) then you are not serious about an online presence for you business.

GoDaddy is a large and active player in the hosting field but there are many who consider them below standard. There are a number of popular players, like Blue Host, Hostgator, and Host Monster that offer affordable shared hosting, but there may be issues to consider. Companies like Site Ground and In Motion Hosting cost slightly more but tend to offer significantly better performance. Managed hosting like WP Engine is probably overkill for most small business users but some really like it.

Personally, I've been pretty impressed by the technical performance and service level delivered by In Motion Hosting.
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Thanks. I ended up on bluehost. :-)
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