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What do Online Marketers Call Themselves?734

Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
I've been pondering this question and more precisely... how do I introduce myself...

Previously, I used to say "and I play golf..." and on occasion "I play with computers and do all of the online stuff that works" ...

But now things are starting to kick start for me and I am thinking that perhaps I need to make more of some of the things happening...

ie... being recognized as a content marketing influencer.
Having my content syndicated across the world

Now normally I tend to down play these things, however I am thinking that perhaps I need to start shouting this stuff from the rooftops ...

Should I?
Shouldn't I?

We live in strange times ...
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
@Steve Good question. Even I wonder how to call myself too. Because I love to write and draw stories.
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Member mcc private msg quote post Address this user

You should play up what you do. As long as you don't sound like you're bragging or trying too hard to promote or sell yourself or your services -- which would annoy the heck out of people -- there's nothing wrong with telling people what your expertise is. Nothing wrong with taking pride in yourself and letting people know!
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Member morrnel private msg quote post Address this user
As @Belew said sometime back, if you've done it, it's not bragging.

At IPL 15, the more the speaker talked/bragged about themselves, the less interested I became. I am happy you are successful, but I really don't care how much you make or if you have a picture of yourself leaning on a private plane. I've been a glider pilot which is much more kewl. But that is not important.

People want to know what you can do for them. If you show me how you used your expertise to increase Kent's sewer business from $25k to $500k, I'm all ears. Your experience and articles add validity. People like authors.

You know how to use your experiences and be authentic about it.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Where ever you present, always have someone else introduce you. Give them your prepared introduction.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Tell them you are an online marketer that specializes in Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tell them you are a social media marketer.

Tell them you are a content marketer.

No matter which you say a lot of people still won't get it.

don't worry about what you tell people you can do, have done. .. just as long as you have done it.
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