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How to Ask Better Questions725

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Recently, I listened to this audio book - Find Out Anything From Anyone, Anytime: Secrets of Calculated Questioning From a Veteran Interrogator

On the surface it seems like you're learning how to be an interrogator - but really Jim shows you the power of asking better questions.

If you follow me on Quora, you'll see that one of the things that comes up over and over again is people don't ask very "good" questions -

Here's one - "Do you have to be in the U.S.A to create an online business (any kind of business)?"

Some of the answers were flat out not very nice - "What a stupid question, of course not."

But my reply was that the person probably wanted to ask something else but the way his question came out only made it harder to help him.

@Tienny inspired me to write about this when she said earlier "It's good to ask question. Isn't it?" on this thread.

To which I'd ask, "what happens when we ask *better* questions?"

..of course, to the original point "what are some ways to ask these better questions?"
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This is a great idea for a thread.

what's the best way to ask a question on how to ask better questions.

I think it will depend on the context and the intent.
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When you ask a question, do it in a way that you can put the person up on a pedestal feeling good about answering the question.

Let the person trust you and you will get what you ask for.

My niece once told me that whenever she was in a conversation with me and others, she would sit back and listen to the questions I would ask and enjoy the resulting conversation unfold. Whether I agreed or disagreed with the answers were irrelevant.

I guess some of us seem to be good at asking the questions right.
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Ask questions such that the answer er feels they are teaching you something not such that they are pit on the spot for not knowing something.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
Before asking your question(s), listen. Better questions naturally result.

After you ask your question(s), listen again. People don't always answer the question you ask. Their answer(s) may not be the one(s) you need.
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