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How Do You Create an Editorial Calendar?612

Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
I have a client, an MD who works with patients who want to lose weight.

One of the things we work on together is his editorial calendar.

There are 'seasons' when people are more sensitive about looking good.

Holiday seasons lend themselves to picture opportunities.
Reunion seasons are the same.
Summer and beach season.
And so on.

Do you create an editorial calendar for your content?
How do you go about it?
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
Exactly what @Belew said.

Every business has a sale funnel, buying process, whatever you want to call it ... you can map buyer personas to this, and then match content to it. Most people focus on the top of the funnel, and not on the other parts hence the end up writing content that attracts but never sells.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Here's a fun one to do.

Pick a major event, any event that you know people will be celebrating ... remembering the anniversary of.

Write about it in the context of what you do.

When the anniversary comes around, people will find your post.

It works.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
So, @Belew, you are suggesting an editorial calendar for relevant client/prospect anniversary dates. Hmmmm...

My wife and I got married on Kansas Day. I find it very helpful that the entire state, and most communities herein, go to great lengths to remind me when our anniversary is coming up!
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
@Rev More toward the client's side and less to the service provider's site. 8-)
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Member MichaelProcopio private msg quote post Address this user
We create short term editorial calendars for events we are holding. Note this is high tech B2B, where in part I herd cats (AKA subject matter experts) to write blogs.

For example, we have a big user event, about 10K users, coming up. I just set up a calendar 5 weeks preceding the event, 4 weeks after. I also set them up around product launches.

In the past I've set up calendars for a larger a span of time but it was very difficult to get the subject matter experts to play along. When I did I list all of our product launches, the holidays and all the industry events and went from there.
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