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My name is Eileen Magill. I am an author (my first book, House of Homicide, comes out on June 17, 2015), and I have a website and blog. Now that my book is coming out, I need to maximize my online presence. I want to learn!

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Welcome Eileen!

Is there some place online where we can see more about your book?
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I decided to Google Eileen and see if she had bought a domain name in her own name and she did. I think that's the first step in the right direction to building an author's platform---one I didn't do when I first started. For me, it was the last step and that was a mistake. I wasted two years developing Websites and Blogs for each book and did not buy a domain name for my own name until later---after someone mentioned that should have been my first step.

I learned the hard way that an author's platform starts with the author's name acting like an umbrella for everything the author writes. The idea, as I understand it, is to develop name recognition so it's easier for an author's readers to find their new work when it comes out.

Here's the link to Eileen's Website and there is a link to her Blog on the Website page.
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You are spot on with the 'start with your name' domain advice.
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Hi Bill and Lloyd!

Thank you for your observation. I've seen a lot of authors use their book names as their website, and all but one admitted that it was a bad move. The one that it worked for was the author of a series of dozens of books.

I do, though, have a Facebook page for House of Homicide:
I figured that I don't have to pay for each page. "HoH" as I call it, is a murder mystery, written for the adult reader; the series I'm currently writing is for young adults. So I figured that I would be creating a different FB page for that series since it will appeal to very different readers.

I sure appreciate any and all advice!!
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The next thing I did was search for Eileen on Twitter. If she's there, I didn't find her.

An author's social media platform is much more than just a Website and Blog.

There are other social media sites to consider. I say "consider" because there are many social media sites, and we are only human. For me, I focus on Twitter and my blogs and have automatic feeds from my Blogs to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and to my Amazon author's page.

When I first joined Twitter, I didn't know what to do so I just set it up so my Blog posts would appear there automatically and then I didn't return for almost five years. The auto Tweet set up from my Blog to my Twitter page created short links and took the title of my post and tweeted it for me. I didn't have to do anything and I didn't pay any attention to my Twitter page for those early years.

In those five years, I gathered about 400 followers on Twitter. Then in early 2013, I returned to Twitter to find out how to use that social media site properly. I visited YouTube and searched for How To videos. I searched for Blog posts offering advice.

Then, for instance, I started to follow other authors and readers who tweet about books they are writing or reading. Many of them followed me back. I then learned about the importance of Retweeting what my followers are Tweeting and then some of them started to Retweet my own tweets.

Today I have 11.6 thousand followers on Twitter, and I belong to three dedicated Retweet groups. Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I join these Retweet groups. It easily eats up a few hours each day.

For instance, yesterday (I Tweeted or Retweeted 175x), I used this hash tag #MondayBlogs on my own Tweets that I sent out and before I sent them out I used Search Twitter to find that hash tag page and Retweeted about 150 Tweets fpr other members of #MondayBlogs in addition to another group I belong to #EdBlogNet. Then I Tweet a few of my own using both hash tags. I Retweet a lot more than I Tweet my own Tweets.

By doing that, other Tweeters Retweeted my own Tweets for the rest of the day generating hundreds of Retweets and this led to a few readers clicking on links and visiting and reading the Blog posts I was promoting on Twitter.

I start every day answering e-mails, replying to comments, updating my Twitter feed and retweeting others, visiting the Blogs of author writers and reading blog posts and leaving comments, etc.

And I think all this social media effort has paid off.

I have four Blogs and they all have readers visit them every day.

Lloyd has more than 12 followers and has had 46,957 views (this should have been my first website/Blog but it was the last one I launched). On this Website/Blog, I write about any topic I want to and support all of my books.

Crazy has had almost 53,000 views. This Blog supports my memoir, "Crazy is Normal, a classroom expose". I was a public school teacher for thirty years and this memoir focuses on one of those years when I kept a daily journal. supports my first novel, My Splendid Concubine, and this Blog has almost 600,000 views. It was my first Blog. The book has its own Website too.

My fourth Blog is called The Soulful Veteran's Blog and it supports my novel set in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam war.
This blog has had 18,474 views.
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Then there are book Blog tours to consider. I pay Teddy and her husband at Virtual Author Book to set up book blog tours for my work when I launch a new book.

She was the third book Blog tour promotion host I worked with and I stayed with her--several tours so far. I wasn't happy with the first promotion host I worked with and the second one was good but cost way too much. I've been satisfied with Teddy setting up my book blog tours and have stayed with her.

I have a tour coming up in May and June, and I have a guest post to write for one of the book Blogs. You have to plan way in advance for a book Blog tour. If your book is coming out in June and you want to do a book blog tour, I suggest you get started as soon as possible.
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Wow, Lloyd, you do an amazing amount! When do you have time to write?!

I am on Twitter: @Eileen_Magill.

Because I work full time, have a second part time job walking dogs, and have a manuscript to finish by the end of May, I don't have a lot of time to devote to social media. With so little time, I need to learn how to maximize my efforts.

I am retiring in November (woohoo!) and will be able to focus solely on writing at that time. Can't wait!

I need to learn more about the blog tours. :-)
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Next, buying ads on sites that have readers who sign up for their daily recommendations.

For instance, the e-book for my first novel (My Splendid Concubine) is on sale this week at $0.99 down from its regular price of $3.99 and I'm running four ads with four different book sites that all have thousands of readers subscribe to their recommendations.

I've done this before several times. Yesterday, Monday, an ad ran on The Fussy Librarian and The Choosey Bookworm and the novel's ran on Amazon went from 233,751 to 8,639 at its best on Monday selling 50 copies the first day of the sale. The book also hit #4 for the historical fiction genre that focuses on China.

There are going to be two more ads that will run this week. The big one will be from eRederNewsToday. Ads with this site usually lead to more sales but not even close to the kind of sites that recommend books to their followers.
The kind of these sites and the most difficult and costly to be accepted by and pay for an ad is BookBub. I ran a BookBub ad campaign in 2013 for "My Splendid Concubine" and then again in 2014. When I submitted the book to them for this year, they rejected it, but I will try again. I have no idea why they would say yes twice and then say no the third time.

Each year BookBub said yes, the ad cost me about $500 each time, but my novel sold almost 3,000 copies the 48 hours after the ad ran each time at $0.99, and I earned back the cost of the ad and made a profit each time.
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How do I do it---all that time promoting my work and building my authors social media platform?

I've been retired since 2005, so I have every day free. But I know younger authors who have jobs who are doing it too but just not spending as many hours at it as I am. They find ways to schedule their time and make it work. Some of these authors have a husband, friend, parent or sibling helping them with the social media.

It's a sacrifice dedicated authors of all ages have to make if finding readers for their books is something they really want.
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I found your Twitter page and just followed you. For Twitter, the first goal is to end up with more than 2,000 followers. Until then, Twitter puts limits on how much you can Tweet.

To reach 2,000, I had to find people I was following who weren't following me and then stop following them so I could follow someone else who would follow me.
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Since you have limited time, I suggest you pen one Tweet to the top of your Twitter page that has a short link in it leading back to the most popular post on your Blog, and then only join the #MondayBlogs group (They are the biggest and the results are better than the Saturday or Sunday groups).

Then each Monday I suggest you spend less than 15 to 30 minutes on Twitter and quickly Retweet twenty or thirty of the #MondayBlog group's Tweets, pick one Tweet that sounds interesting to you and click on the link, read that post and leave a brief comment. One a week and I suggest you try a different blogger each week. Many of them will visit your site and read one of your posts.

I see that you already have the Twitter button at the end of each of your posts. If you don't know this, you can return to your favorite and/or most popular posts and click that Twitter button again and send out another Tweet for each of those posts anytime you want to. You can also edit those Tweets before you send them out.

I do it all the time. I click the Twitter button on old posts, add a hash tag to them (for instance, #EdBlogNet), and then Tweet that blog post again. I also visit my Wordpress stats page to discover the all time most popular posts and Tweet them again all the time.

I even keep a Word document with ready to copy and paste Tweets to speed up the process. It's much faster than creating new ones in that small Twitter window. Once I have a Tweet I like, I copy and paste it into that Word document so I can easily use them again.

If you try to send the same tweet out twice, Twitter will block you until you have send out ten other tweets or you can just change one thing in the Tweet you want to send out again and it will work.

To pin a Tweet to the top of your Twitter page, you will have to click on those three dots to the right of the star in the short menu at the bottom of each Tweet.
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@Lloyd_Lofthouse How long do you spend on twitter and follow others' tweets? Because I only manage to follow other wordpress bloggers' blogs.
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It's hard to say, because when I'm on Twitter (left screen), I'm also reading Blog posts on other sites (right screen). A lot of my time on Twitter each day is taken up by my passion (and extreme anger) to help defend the public schools against the greedy, corrupt and evil corporate education reformers who are trying to destroy America's transparent, nonprofit, democratic public schools and profit off the money that should be supporting the education of all of our children. This is a complex issue that threatens the very democracy and republic we live in.

Why am I so involved in this one national issue? I was a public school teacher for thirty years and I always suspected that there was more to all the crap we were forced to do against our better judgement as teachers, and my suspicions were correct but it took reading several books after I retired from teaching to realize just how real this conspiracy was that reaches back before the lies that were reported in A Nation at Risk in 1983 under the Reagan administration.

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Lloyd, you've touched on one of my sore spots: education. Our education system is broken. Period. Our children are not getting the education they should, not from lack of effort on the teachers' parts, but from the system. One aspect of the problem with public schools is the funding - specifically salaries. Being a teacher is a very difficult job, and the vast majority of teachers live on salaries that cannot sustain them. The best and the brightest teachers find other occupations that will pay better. Our teachers should be amongst the highest paid people in our country, not the worst.
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Sorry, but I CAN NOT agree that the public education system is broken.

Underfunded, yes.

Lack of support, yes, but to understand that lack of support I suggest reading "The Teacher Wars: A History of America's Most Embattled Profession" by Dana Goldstein.

What's amazing is that when we break that International OECD PISA test down into six socioeconomic groups, instead of only relying on the average, the public schools and their teachers are doing an incredible job considering what they are up against with this lack of support from a country with a history that goes back almost 200 years where support has seldom if ever existed for the public schools.

To be blunt, too many Americans treat teachers like CRAP and blame them for things and issues that teachers and the public schools have no power over.

First, to start to understand what I'm talking about, I suggest you read this report out of Stanford:

Stanford Report, January 15, 2013
Poor ranking on international test misleading about U.S. student performance, Stanford researcher finds
A comprehensive analysis of international tests by Stanford and the Economic Policy Institute shows that U.S. schools aren't being outpaced by international competition.

As part of the study, Carnoy and Rothstein calculated how international rankings on the most recent PISA might change if the United States had a social class composition similar to that of top-ranking nations: U.S. rankings would rise to sixth from 14th in reading and to 13th from 25th in math. The gap between U.S. students and those from the highest-achieving countries would be cut in half in reading and by at least a third in math.

"You can't compare nations' test scores without looking at the social class characteristics of students who take the test in different countries," said Carnoy. "Nations with more lower social class students will have lower overall scores, because these students don't perform as well academically, even in good schools.

There is an achievement gap between more and less disadvantaged students in every country; surprisingly, that gap is smaller in the United States than in similar post-industrial countries, and not much larger than in the very highest scoring countries.

Achievement of U.S. disadvantaged students has been rising rapidly over time, while achievement of disadvantaged students in countries to which the United States is frequently unfavorably compared – Canada, Finland and Korea, for example – has been falling rapidly.

There is a lot of msleading cherry picked propoganda being pumped out by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foudnatoin, the Walton Family Foundation, the Eli Broad Foundation and several hedge fund billionaires that's designed to make the public schools look bad. But what they claim with their lies is not true.
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@Lloyd_Lofthouse ..but, but you don't have any of your connections here on this forum!

I wanted to follow you on at least Twitter and Facebook.

This was one of the best ways a celebrity has used his leverage -
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I didn't know I could add my connections on this FORUM. I must have some work to do.

Here are some of my social media links:
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@Lloyd_Lofthouse Lloyd some real gold here, I will come back to this when it isn't 2 am here...

@EileenMagill Welcome
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Good connecting with you @Lloyd_Lofthouse!

As @Steve said, I will definitely take some time to go through this post.

Don't know if you use Goodreads (I know I need to get more active there) but here's my profile -

John Chang on Goodreads

Feel free to connect unless, of course, Goodreads isn't your cup of tea!
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I left Goodreads in 2013 after a rather nasty flame war with the Goodreads bullies. At the time, they were an evil that seemed to have the freedom to ravage any author they wanted, and they took advantage of this power with a vengeance while maintaining an anonymous identify so no one knew who they were.

They even had an infamous war of words on the internet with Anne Rice, the author of Interview With a Vampire and other supernatural novels. Eventually Anne Rice tired of them and asked her fans to deal with the trolls who were then attacked by a horde of vampire lovers and the bullies fled into the void with their tales tucked between their back legs.

Then after Amazon bought Goodreads, Amazon seems to have made an effort to clean up this nest of vipers and maybe I'll return soon and see if it's safe to be an author on Goodreads.
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Sorry to hear you through that @Lloyd_Lofthouse - seems like it's gotten better in some ways. But thanks for the heads up!
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What I learned was if someone leaves mean comments about you or your work on Goodreads or just rates your work with 1-star and says nothign about it, ignore them. It's bait. If you even attempt to start a civil conversation with them, they come in a flock and attack with mean insults and putdowns.

It became so bad that a group of authors started a website called Stop the Goodreads Bullies (STGRB). I think they stopped posting new information about a year ago soon after Amazon cracked down on those trolls and started to clean house on Goodreads or try to clean house. The site is still up if you want to read about some of the things there were happening on Goodreads back then.
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It's been a while since we saw you.

Busy? I hope all is well.

Always enjoy your input.
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