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Average age of NCAAM Final 4 Coach is.521

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Average age is 61.

I wonder what I will be doing when I am 61.

Wait! I am September. Uh oh.

What will you be doing when you are 60?
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I'll be sitting on a beach somewhere... wait that is this year ... when I turn sixty I would love to be back in the UK visiting family and friends... no wait that's a nightmare.

Seriously I will be playing golf and spending the day with my wonderful wife, friends and family ... although saying all of that it would also be kind of cool to be sitting with @Belew telling each other our old war stories... lol
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I'm almost 70 and I can tell you what I was doing when I turned 60---I turned 60 in August of 2005, and to make sure I retired at 60, I taught summer school that year because at 60 the formula for teachers retiring in California bumps up a bit so that I retired with only a 40% pay cut and no medical---most of the teachers in California retire without medical. COBRA is offered but to take COBRA medical would have cost about $1,500 - $1,800 a month until eligibility for Medicare kicked in several years later.

If I had retired before my 60th birthday, even by a few days, the pay cut would have been worse. Teaching summer school was just enough to boost me past that magic date.

It is possible for teachers to retire with 100% or more of their pay but to do that, they have to stay in the classroom teaching for 42 or more years. I know of only one teacher who taught longer than 42 years and he actually retired with a raise in his early 70s. He told me once, he would retire only when he didn't enjoy teaching any longer and the current testing insanity drove him out. Without the standardized testing madness in the United States today, he would have died as an active teacher. He loved teaching that much.
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We'll be telling old and real war stories when we get back from Lago, no doubt.


So, the next question is where will I be when I am 70?

It has been generations since anybody in my family on my dad's side lived in to the 70s. I hope I am the next if my 1-year older brother doesn't beat me to it.
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My father lived to be 79 and if he hadn't smoked unfiltered Camels for most of his life and been an alcoholic into his 50s, he probably would have lived longer. His lungs gave out and he spent his last few months wearing diapers and delirious.

My mother lived another decade to 89. Her mother lived into her 80s and her father lived into his 90s as did her father's brothers. One of my mother's uncles was still ranching in South Dakota in his 90s and riding his horses to do that job. His life ended at 96 the day he stepped up on a split rail fence to count the cattle in that one pasture. The rail broke, he fell and shattered his hip and died in the hospital from complications.

My mother's older brother, who I was named after (Lloyd), lived to be 96. He lost his short term memory a few years before his death but his long term memory was fine. If he met you after he lost his short term memory, he would forget who you were by the next day.

But my fathers family was littered with alcoholics and smokers and most of them didn't make it out of the 70s. My older brother died at 64, but he was also a chain smoker, a drug user and an alcoholic with a horrible diet of mostly junk food.
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A good question that never pops out in my mind.
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