I escaped western life 9 years ago and have lived in Nepal for the past 8 years. I ended up getting a 14 room guest house about 5 years ago, just one year before the disastrous earthquakes of 2014. The guesthouse business was so good everyone who had to rebuild their home decided to make a guesthouse. So, rather than compete with the local people I've decided to do something different.

I'm taking the furniture from our rooms and renting them to tourists who are planning to stay a few months in the Kathmandu Valley. Statistically, Nepal is the cheapest place to travel to. The problem is the local people live very simply and don't always have the same standards as westerners. Everything is custom made and there isn't anything like Target or Home Depot, so you have to really work to just get the bare minimum. And why waste time doing such things.

So, I'm basically doing a Rent-a-Center type business, the first in Nepal. Here's my blog post about it. Any advice or suggestions? clickable text