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Hey guys I am new to this forum and would like to share my work and get feedback from you on how i can improve to get more leads.
During my 15 years of career as a hairdresser my mind suddenly had a shift which made me want to discover more in life. I started to educate myself on how our mind and body works and i mastered how to control my fears, not fully! Just enough to change my life around and to be brave enough to go out and start my own website and share my journey with others. I am a open minded spiritual person just wanting to spread the love and make a living out of it also.
I would appreciate your honest opinions on my work if you have the time to check Leanne Grocott Awareness Thanks a bunch.
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Leanne,you have an attractive site and it is obvious you have put some thought and effort into the content. It is a great beginner site.

There are some issues with layout and navigation that may cute, may actually make things uncomfortable for your visitors, sending them away sooner than necessary.

If you would like a little help, with no cost or obligation, please contact me via email: and we can schedule a half-hour (or so) live chat. I would be happy to help you get on the right path.

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It looks like you have a real passion for your work and spirituality. I'm not sure if you just want to be a life coach or if you will have products. I live in Nepal and it's amazing how nice the handcrafts are.

I'm always trying to promote Nepal, not for gain, but because its people are so kind and make such great things. You can walk down the street and see women knitting hats and gloves or men carving incredible wooden doors.

Anyway, I was thinking your niche could support a lot of Nepali products, from both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I do know some people in various industries if you would like to explore promoting Nepali crafts and spiritual arts. I just think your site could use a store of some kind.
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