We all know that AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, etc. are among the best hosting providers and possess a good reputation in the hosting world. Beside this, it is also a fact that it can be a very tricky to host and manage the cloud hosting especially if your are newbie or not a techie guy. Even, some of the techie guy fell short in hosting and management of cloud hosting and that's where the managed cloud hosting platforms like Cloudways, and Flywheels come into play.
I am a fitness freak and a fitness trainer and I am quite famous through my youtube videos. So, it was not possible for someone like me to host and manage my blog all by my own. So, I availed the managed digitalOcean web hosting server by Cloudways and I am quite comfortable with their sevrice as they have taken all my pain and that too in a very affordable price.
You can also give your experience, or any cloud hosting suggestion that is even better or will ease the job.