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If anyone here uses Wordpress, you no doubt are aware of plugins. There is one unique plugin called Yoast. I say it's unique because it allows users to enhance posts or pages with SEO or search engine optimization.

This plugin allows you to designate a page as a "cornerstone" or "evergreen" piece. Meaning it's one of your more important stand-out pages with vital information about who you serve, or in-depth back ground info on your services and much more.

You add important images and keywords and phrases to the overall content in order to get the search bots to pay attention to it. Is anyone on this forum still engaging in SEO? Cornerstone content etc.? It would be interesting to share techniques and experiences and ideas. Just wondering. I assume it's acceptable to share our respective cornerstone pages here? Not sure!
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Cornerstone content is important but, other than designation as such, SEO is unchanged from any other content (pages or posts). The "how many words" question persists with know-it-all SEO junkies insisting 1000 words or more is the only way to get ranked. I disagree and find the best way to get ranked in the top of search is to use effective on-page SEO for content hosted on an authoritative site. Number of words? As few, or as many, as necessary to post your message. Here are some points about on-page SEO.
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Hey Rev....I thought this forum died....I saw it pop up in an email and thought I would write a post and just see if anyone would respond (and here you responded!)....great, this place isn't all crickets afterall!
If you remember me, I asked about blogging many moons said write a post per day...I did and now have about 450 separate blog posts here in this blog as part of my overall image licensing'll recognize me when you see my site I am sure! Thanks for your input.....(I've used the Yoast plugin to my advantage).
Many times, after I write, optimize and publish a blog post, I don't even have to use my Google console to use that Google "Fetch" feature and have seen my latest post appear in the Google index about three pages in....and this is only A DAY after I publish it
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Good for you, Dan. And I do remember you -- as I do so many wonderful people from the heyday of the forum.
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