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Hi, my name is Mike Maunu aka @bigpoppi

I acquired this forum from my former client and good friend Bill @belew

He had started this a few years back with an emphasis on blogging or in today's vernacular, content marketing. When Bill decided he wanted to step away I made an offer with the one sole objective as something for my son @alex_maunu to take over and for me to guide him for a period of time.

You see I'm trying to do less, enjoy life more and spend time on my golf game. Yep, that requires a lot of

I've been in direct response marketing/coaching space for over 40-years and have a minor, so to speak in the health & wellness industry having taken one company in the 90's to 9-figures per year to having an online supplement company since 2002.

Here's a link to a recent podcast I was interviewed on if you'd like to know more.

My son Alex who was home schooled since he was 10, an accomplished BMX racer having achieved No. 1 in California and No. 3 in the country at 15 in his age and class, having long since retired. To many ER visits and realizing there's no money in

He traveled with me for years to events I attended or spoke at and meeting some of the biggest players in the IM industry. Two years ago at 17 he made the decision to go full time in the learning everything he could about

social media especially FB ads

To me the money I spent for him to learn from the best was better than any college education. He has run our digital agency and delivered results for local retail stores, professionals and others before he turned 18. He's 19 now.... (an old dude, lol)

In fact, here's a link to a recording I made of him this week as he outlined the steps we were taking in a niche for one of our health product solutions. It's short but powerful and gives you an idea of some of what we intend on sharing in this forum as it moves forward...
Alex Video

There will be no-nonsense answers here to your real and sometimes hard questions about:

where to start
what works
what doesn't work online
what next

based on experience and real life results.

Granted we don't know it all and there are always more ways to skin the cat but we're going to give you what we know works and if we don't know we'll tell you!

And, and, and, ... the content grows for people just like you when people participate.
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Well, Hi BigPoppi! What a nice surprise to see that this forum will continue. And be guided by someone with your level of knowledge and expertise. Thanks for purchasing it and ... I hope I can be active and helpful and learn from others.

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@Charlene Thanks Charlene!

Hope to be able to deliver the value my good friend @belew has over the years.

They're big shoes to fill!


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Hi BigPoppi. Really loved your video and the products. They sound really awesome and when I'm able to purchase them I most definitely will. In the last two months I have been learning how to breathe correctly. It has been a truly healing experience and when first trying this breathing technique it was weird and difficult to do. But soldier on I did.

The majority of us in the world our natural way to breathe is breathe in and your tummy goes in breathe out and your tummy goes out, well that it absolutely wrong!! Learning to breathe correctly works much the same as your products where correct breathing oxygenates your entire internal organs as well as the brain. It's been miraculous to say the least now that I have this breathing technique down pact. I suffered from much pain physically and now my body has no pain, my energy levels are sky high where before suffered from adrenal fatigue. Um, Just thought I'd share so HIYA. I will introduce myself again in the introduction forum.

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@llanik thanks for the feedback over here as well. Commented on your other post.

The most important thing is that is cellular oxygenation that is most important as well correct membrane structure.

These oils must be added to the diet on a daily basis as the body can't make them.

Unfortunately if you don't one day the system will break down. it's inevitable, sorry to say!

Again, glad to meet you and I look forward to hearing more from you....


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@Charlene thank you!

Alex and I both look forward to being of service.


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