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We like to know who's joining us, what you do and how we can help you!

So, please introduce yourself in this thread. Feel free to get creative, but if you need help overcoming writer's block use this template:



Interesting fact about yourself:

What's your biggest challenge you hope the forum can help you with:

Take a moment to add your social network links in your profile, too!


You can meet others:

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I have backed off ... way off. But I am not dead.

I am happy that @BigPoppi and his son are giving new life to the forum here.

My heart is with the church. How can the church take advantage of what the non-church does so well?

I want to learn lessons that are transferable.

I applied biblical ideals of evangelism to my marketing strategies ... and that worked.

Now I want to know what works in marketing that can be applied to biblical efforts.

Got ideas?
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Hi BigPoppi

I live in Hastings New Zealand.

Interesting fact about me! I am passionate about helping woman and children who live in Domestic Violence.
I am a Human Rights Activist and I despise the corrupt systems within OUR Country that is Counselors, Social Workers and Psychologists to name a few.

I have seen much abuse upon people seeking help from Counselors etc.....The magnitude is huge! The quality of healing is shocking from these who are authoritative figures so to speak. There are more bad ones than there are good.

I have a dream to open my own non-profit org which I am in the process of doing with the focus of quality healing. I have a mountain of ideas pertaining to that. The only thing truly holding me back from that is writing it all up. It's time-consuming and gosh I am not a writer, period!

Do you happen to know any writers at all. I do know we have to pay for them so if you could refer any to me that would be fantastic thanks. Nice to have you as the New Owner, a big huge WELCOME to you :-)
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@Belew Hi Belew sad to see you have left. All the best on your journey with the Church. I love my Church too. Wishing you the very best in your next adventure/journey in life, cheers
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@llanik welcoem and thanks for sharing such a noble cause.

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Blessings, @bigpoppi
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@BigPoppi Thank you, yes love what I do.....
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Hi all,

I'm not 'new' to the forum, although I haven't been around for a long time.

I was spending some time at another forum that's more local to me, but the discussion has become unhelpful, contrary, and unsupportive. So I was thinking about joining another forum, when I remembered this lovely place full of helpful and kind people.

So I'm back.

I aim to provide some useful information within my field of SEO, content marketing, and general web-based business.

Oh, got sidetracked a little there. My name is Joe Robinson, and I'm based in the UK.

A couple of somewhat interesting facts about me:

I'm a pretty good chef, and find it very rewarding to cook using ingredients I've grown myself.

I have a beautiful aquarium with a highly efficient filtration system that I built myself.

A challenge I hope the forum can help with:

I'm building an eCommerce store, and need to hone my Facebook and Adwords advertising skills, so will be looking for high level strategies to make sure I'm really using my budget to its full potential.
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@kazu great glad to have you back!

As you saw we've just taken over the forum and are slowly getting it going thru the summer.

I know for a fact we can help with some good FB strategies as it's something our company is going on a daily basis both for our ecomm and for our high level clients.

If you have a specific question or two please feel free to post them...

Welcome back!
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