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For those who may wish to continue working with me on various subjects, I have set up 3 membership sites:

WizardsPlace - - Online Presence, Domain Names, Hosting, Websites, Blogs & Blogging, Social Media, Ecommerce Solutions, Content Creation, Organic Traffic, SEO, Mailing Lists, and more. The basic stuff.

From Website To Wealth - - Business Development, Personal Growth, Sales & Marketing, Products & Programs, Client Engagement, Time Management, and more. Business and personal development.

WP Business Network - - Everything you ever wanted, or needed, to learn about WordPress - Core, Themes, Plugins, Content, eCommerce, Memberships, Bloging, Monetization, and then some. Just WordPress.

Join me for self-directed learning, Q&A, live-stream group and 1-on-1 sessions. Check it out now while early bird pricing is in effect.
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What a great idea!
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You're the man Rev, got it!
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If I wanted to know smth abt WordPress, I'd ask @Rev.
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