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Why would H1 and H3 tags matter in a blog?2912

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I received a guideline from the "other" blogger of a client I'm working for. This posting - it's both asking for information and fuming. Here's 1/3 of their recommendations:

We still need to update the blog heading in your theme’s template files to change the blog title from an H3 heading to an H1 heading.

There are 6 types of heading tags you can use on any blog, H1 through H6. Every blog should have 1 H1 heading (the blog title) and at least 1 H2 heading. You can think of these headings like chapters in a book. The H1 is the book title, the H2s are chapters and if you have
subheadings, they should be coded as H3s. You typically don’t need to go below H3 headings but occasionally you can use an H4 if you need to.

Each heading should also be supported by some content. This means that if you don’t really want to have one heading after another, but if you have a heading, support it with some content that talks about that heading and then have another heading.

The H1 heading should have the main keyword you are trying to go after in it somewhere, preferably towards the beginning. The H2 headings will probably have a keyword in there as well but it isn’t necessary. Anything beyond an H2 heading doesn’t need to have a keyword since it is supporting the other headings.

Word Count:
Since there are so many blog sites out there, the more content you have on a blog the better. However, a good benchmark is somewhere around 1,000 - 1,250 words. If you can do more, great! If not, try to shoot for somewhere in that range.


PS - Although they've provided one useful CSS - it looks like they're talking about word/framemaker styles that have been set up with too many heading styles.

PS2 - I don't like their writing style - it's as though they're being paid by the word, not by the value of the content. I find this guideline verbose with minimal value, similar to their blogs.

PS3 - I thought it was number of blogs with useful content, preferably linked from other sites for credibility. They only talk about links from the blog to your own web page.
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
Now that I'm done fuming - what value, if any, does their guideline provide?
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
None. Indeed, it provides some erroneous information about the use of heading tags.

Am I understanding this is referencing a client blog you are working on? Can you send me a URL?
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you for responding. So far, none of those pseudo-facts have been considered as relevant to blogs or SEO. It was a report that came up from some group that have written some material for posting - more like extra stories - more for entertainment and enticing new visitors to the site.

I understand wanting to bring in new visitors - I still don't like that agency's writing style.

My fuming was the current new director stated I should incorporate that stuff. The new director doesn't seem familiar with publication, online or otherwise. I calmed down and sent the director a copy of guidelines I had written up 2-3 years ago, and stated some comments/challenges about the new "guidelines".

If it matters - although not 100% loved and cherished by all, Yoast is used.

Here's one of "their" blogs:
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
PS - @Rev any observations/recommendations would be appreciated.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Are the comments about heading tags yours or someone else's?
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Member rcayeras private msg quote post Address this user
The guidelines for using heading tags came from an agency. I looked into tags - looks like I was also mistaken about the importance of H1 and H2 -- looking at
mentioning H3-H6 still seems irrelevant.

The postings are on wordpress. I guess I'm good at writing at editing, and have much to learn about what SEO pays attention to.

My grasshopper question - how much play does H1 have with wordpress, when the title is in a separate text box from which the URL is generated?
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