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How do you deal with trolls?2908

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I was watching something on Netflix. Who isn't on Neflix, btw?

Sorry ... got distracted.

In the program "Last Man Standing" there's this young fellow who comes across really stupid, (Maybe he is) ... but also very innocent, loyal and other top qualities. Do you have to sacrifice likability with intelligence = knowing stuff?

Derailed again.

Mike says, "Kyle won't take the bypass because he's afraid of the trolls." Trolls - tolls. Get it?

I was in a group on Facebook and chatting with a fellow who says he generally avoids the online space (except for this closed group devoted to preachers/pastors) because he doesn't want to have to interact with trolls, honestly admitting he gets dragged too often into the mud with them.

It got me to wondering and to think to ask you all here ... how do you deal with trolls?
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Here's a thread that deals with handling trolls.

Handling trolls
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