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Member gspieler private msg quote post Address this user
In my effort to build visibility around my "San Francisco Values" campaign for a book or serialization in a newspaper or magazine, I'm trying to reach more people than just a chance happening.

So I created a separate Facebook page from my personal page called "San Francisco Values" where I post political stuff. I post my HuffPo articles and link to current events, etc.

So I bought some "boosts" for the site and I have to say I'm happy. Now I have people conversing on the site, engaging with me and more eyeballs have found me.

All in all, it has reached 19,954 eyeballs and 1436 have "engaged." If you can see the image I snipped,
it will show you the specifics. I've created some "friends" and also engaged in conversations as well. Basically, I'm happy with findings and feel it was money well spent, so far.

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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@gspieler This is really interesting. I think you may have found a topic which a particular audience find interesting - something which is not as easy as it sounds. Well done
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Psst .. don't tell anyone. But I am trying smth on Facebook, too.
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Member gspieler private msg quote post Address this user
@SusanDay---Thank you so much for nice words. I'm not that clever to find a niche topic. It's politics --and liberal politics at that. Unfortunately, many of those interested are mostly on the Right. However, I have made some liberal friends.

I think the idea of home-grown terrorists interests a lot of people, so you could say I'm playing to peoples fears as well as their feelings about our current state of the country.

I'm trying to build an audience for when/if the movie comes out and my publisher wants to see what kind of following I'm building as well as a possible book or serialization of "San Francisco Value."

I've finally learned how to build an audience...Took me forever.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
@gspieler Congrats on figuring out what works for you and building your audience.

Find a good strategy to stay engaged with them and it'll grow more.
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