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We live in a small house, and it can be high traffic with family and friends. I am searching for a way to have office time without interruptions. One way may be to head down to the coffee shop. Anyone have any tricks they use to be able to get some work done?
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Hi JM!I found that the local public library was the best place for me to work. I spent 1-hour each day researching & writing my current book. I still can't understand how the famous J.K. Rowling was able to write most of her best selling Harry Potter books in a coffee shop where there must have been many distractions.
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Cartoonist H. Martin of New Yorker once said in an interview, he rented a separate office in the town he lived in away from his "home"....
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BKatt private msg quote post Address this user
@jmolan Several possibilities come to mind:

1) Home
Is the challenge at home the noise or that you don't have a dedicated area to work?

If you have a dedicated area where you can close the door, but you are being distracted by the noise, then active noise reduction headphones may be a solution. I use the Bose headphones. They are pricey, but the active noise cancellation and the music of your choice can virtually eliminate all environmental and people sounds.

2) Coffee shop
As @Seniorpreneur commented, public places can be distracting for some. For others, as perhaps with JK Rowling, the noise and movement of a public place may keep your subconscious entertained, leaving your conscious mind free to concentrate on your work. Years ago, when traveling for months at a time for work, I frequently went to an Olive Garden at the end of my 9-5 workday and found the decor and restaurant activity conducive to writing. So you may find yourself more productive in certain coffee shops or diners than others.

3) Car
If you enjoy a variety of environments and working surrounded by nature, and depending on your work tools, your car may become a productive work environment. Driving to a beautiful park or vista provides a relaxing backdrop. Yet at the turn of a key, you can drive to another beautiful place.
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