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Currently, I need to attach testimonials from previous employers and clients. And I am also preparing for my children's book. Thus, I have been googling for testimonial wordpress plugin. I realize that there are a few (personally I feel) seems great wordpress plugin. However, when I check it out, some are updated 2 years ago and some is an open-sourced plugin.

Is there a safer yet simple design yet affordable plugin?

Will anyone please share your experiences?

Thank you.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

First, you need to understand that free and "open source" are not bad things. If you think they are then stop using WordPress. After all, it is free and open source!

Next, while it is a good idea to stick mostly with plugins that show current updating, some plugins don't need updating if they don't interface with any parts of core WordPress that have been changed. If what the plugin does is simply store information (like testimonial content) in a database and add it into a page for the purpose on WordPress, it might not need updating until something in the page structure changes affecting the adding of the content. Until that happens, no updates may be needed.

A better check of the current validity of a plugin is the number of deployed copies. If lots of people are using the plugin, it is likely a good one and safe to use yourself.

Picking a plugin that is suitable to your needs is the harder part. You may need to install one at a time and try them to see if they provide what you need and work well with your current site configuration.
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Member tienny private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Rev,

Thanks for your kind advise.

Did you use any testimonials plugin in your site?
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