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Is Google becoming more self-serving?2852

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It's their search engine. They can do anything they want with it.

That being said ... I did a search for some information on an ancient town I am studying.

11 of the first 12 results were books that Google wanted me to buy or read from them.

And the one result that wasn't, wasn't relevant.
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IMO, Google is trying to keep people on Google-owned properties. This is in contrast to the original purpose which was to send you to the best website for the information. Now, businesses are being asked to create Google-developed websites, sign up for local voice search for the voice device, and many answers are presented in knowledge boxes that never require the person to leave Google's SERP.

Featured snippets are also being replaced with knowledge boxes. So, much less surfing - much more sitting on Google's beach.
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All good observations. ... and true ones, too.
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