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I'll Stop Procrastinating Later ... or not.2840

Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
I have been putting off and putting off putting on my presentation preparation hat.

I have a big presentation coming later this week.

Nothing like an impending deadline to get you out of the procrastination funk.

What gets you going when you don't want to get going?

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Student TParker private msg quote post Address this user
I find that if I open a document to start the project or do a little research online I'll sometimes get the ball rolling and can take it from there. Other times, I have to give myself an upfront reward. (Ok, you can watch one episode and then you have to do X minutes of work.) You might consider the Pomodoro method.

Take a break from all input and just thinking about the project is also helpful. My brain begins organizing the information while I'm daydreaming or putting together a puzzle, then when I am ready to start writing the content flows more easily.
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Member gspieler private msg quote post Address this user
Fear. It always works for me because I'm terrified of not appearing prepared and then looking like a loser.

I'm also worried about not be able to answer questions about my topic. Oh, the horror of it all.

This probably stems from an inferiority complex. I'm mean, what am I doing up here when all these people think I know what I'm talking about. Me? I guess it's the old "fraud" syndrome.

But, hey, fear gets me motivated. I would never want to be found out.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
I had a book on procrastination once. Never got around to reading it.
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Dolevza private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Bill,

Here is a short lecture I did about procrastination and ways to overcome it.

I would be happy to help if needed.

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