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A Note Or Two About JetPack Plugin2807

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I keep hearing from people that you shouldn't use the WordPress JetPack plugin because it is huge and will slow down your site. That notion really begs a little examination. JetPack is a big plugin, for sure. It has lots (and lots!) of stuff included. But how bad really is it?

The first thing you should know is that JetPack is designed so that you only have to activate the modules you need, and also that non-selected modules aren’t actually loaded onto your site, so those don’t have any impact on site performance.

The next thing is that some of the major coding for functions that could be site dampers, especially on cheap shared hosting, are actually not on your site at all. That code exists, and runs, on's powerful servers. The heavy lifting is off-loaded from your site to servers specifically designed for the job.

Not everyone needs JetPack and there are certainly other, and sometimes even better, choices for some of its features, but in most cases it is an option worth looking at. It is one source to get a number of great features and functions you may need and may not have even known were available.

Here are two JetPack posts that every WordPress user should probably read:
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I am a big fan of Jetpack.

I love the way it adds similar posts to the bottom of a new one, and it adds all the social media sharing options.

There are many great things about JetPack, but these are two of my favs.
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I've never used Jetpack ...
Just a random comment... lol
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