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Need your feedback about Film "On That Day"2802

Member santonu private msg quote post Address this user
I am a writer, web designer and film maker. Recently I have written and produced a short film Woh Ek Din - On that day. This film is in Hindi (Indian) language and based on Bollywood film industry.

Please watch and give me your feedback. This will encourage me for my next film project.
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Member Seniorpreneur private msg quote post Address this user
@santonu When I started watching this short film I wasn't expecting much especially when I saw the main actor smiling at the camera instead of another actor in the film. I found the short film fascinating and was surprised how much real drama you could pack into an 11 minute short film. I thought it was very well done with all kinds of twists & turns to keep the audience entertained. Also, the life lessons show in this film was priceless. I also liked the interchanging between the Indian and English languages. I would give the short film 4 **** stars out of 5.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
My first production film, a project in film studies at school, was made with a hand-held Super-8 camera. You can figure how long ago that was.

It was wonderful to see what can be done today. Great production values. Suitable, believable, acting. I'm not a big fan of Hindi music but I'm guessing the opening song played will among the people this was created for. Metaphors and imagery work in any language. Thematic elements are classic.


One small negative, for me anyway, and bear in mind that I don't know your target audience. The bang near the end is unnecessary and distracting. The expression and music satisfy the impact.
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