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7 Hacks for Leading a Large Facebook Group2799

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I did not get seven tips. But I did hear six.
1. Write a post about why I created this group. Make it an introduction and statement of the group's guidelines.
2. Have a method for banning people. Begin by deleting posts that break the guidelines. Place a note saying why the post was deleted (maybe you didn't see this rule). Private Message the individual with the reason and an admonition not to do it again. Consider the health of the group and ban people who break the rules repeatedly.
3. Prepare weekly Facebook video posts (FBLive or posted videos). In my opinion, this needs more explanation.
4. Allow everyone to post. Do not become the bottleneck.
5. Allow people to posts requests for [thoughts and] prayers.
6. Once a month have a self-promotion day in a single thread posted for that purpose.

It was worth the ten minutes it took to watch it.
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Over the years I've developed a number of policies, procedures, and "rules" for running groups, forums, and the like. Much of what is shared in this video is embodied in them. The bits that aren't is only because I've never seen the need to define them.

Things that I allow, indeed encourage, that most group leaders forbid, include self-promotion, commercial links, and affiliate links -- with the proviso that in topical groups/forums this must be on topic.

Rather than discourage engagement or encourage spamming, this tends to have just the opposite effect. When you give a little, you receive a lot. Works for cooperation and participation.
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