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From scheduled social media posts up to engaging to the various social media and community groups where digital marketers try their best to promote any given business. It is indeed correct that the traditional ways of social media marketing have managed to remain the same but, minute changes that are now proved to make huge differences in terms of engaging more target audience to the brand have been widely adapted by most of the digital marketing experts.

According to experts working at most of the SEO Services in Singapore, it is evident that simple and minute elements such as hashtag, exclamation, question mark, inverted commas etc. have been recognized as the most important elements next to the total suitable word count preferred for various types of social media posts around the world. Now experts have critically accessed and analyzed the available data and user preferences that have made it possible for them to play more intelligently when it comes to social media marketing in 2017.
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@susadaigle23 I have read recently that if you ask a set of questions (question marks!)in beginning of your blog posts etc. than that does get big-G to pay closer attention.....don't know if true but since you are yet another person I see mentioning has to ask....thumbs up+ to you!

(and I hereby proclaim that using the plus or positive symbol +++ is GOOD!) lol?
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