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Ad Sense? Do you use?2680

Student jmolan private msg quote post Address this user
I am currently not using any ads, are you? This is an email I received. Good bad or indifferent?

Back when I started my first blog 10 years ago, AdSense was pretty much the only way to make money blogging...

...and it was pretty straightforward.

I applied, got approved and was off to the races.

But I hate to say that now I am hearing story after story from our students about struggles with AdSense...

no reasoning behind getting denied
no customer support
never getting a response to their application
Since I recommend them regularly, hearing this feedback time and time again has me questioning what I'm telling our students about ad networks.

Another alternative...

For the past 3-4 years I have also been using (the largest Adsense competitor).

And while they are smaller, they have occasionally outperformed AdSense with certain campaigns for me...

...and the best part?

They have GREAT customer support and response times!

You can use them WITH Adsense

Oh and if you are currently using Adsense and want to earn a little more, you can try running ads from both Adsense and on the same page.

More ads is not always better, so as always do your own testing.

Let me know what you think!

So if you've been denied by AdSense, maybe haven't heard back or you just want to add another network to your blog, you might want to check out and see how they do for you.

As always, please share your feedback and experiences with me!

Happy blogging!

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Member DansCartoons private msg quote post Address this user
I use Adsense on my site in the profile here...I have been with them for years....yesterday, I made $7 but you need to get alot more traffic than I do in order to make a living with Adsense.
I know one guy in Oklahoma (in my same field) who told me he was doing so well at running Adsense about 10 yrs. ago, he didn't have to work. On holidays, is when he'd make the most....(lots of clicks based on his site's contents)....students are right, no support, but they do pay. Over as many years as I have been with them, I have made many thousands of dollars. I would hate to pull my code when I look at what I've taken in over the years....
I can honestly say I have paid for trips overseas from what I've earned through them....and was surprised to hear of this new affiliate you mention.....interesting!
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Student jmolan private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Dan, that is some "real" info. Great!
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Member DansCartoons private msg quote post Address this user
oh btw, I was wrong....after the earnings period for the last day closed (overnight), it wasn't $7, I almost made $10, it doesn't sound like anything to brag about, I realize. But it's in the gas tank where it I look at it from that standpoint. lol?
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Student TParker private msg quote post Address this user
I get the impression (from reading various sources) that Adsense doesn't have the value it once did. Targeted affiliate placement ads may be a better option, particularly if you have a niche website. Plus, there is limited control over the ads placed by Adsense, whereas an affiliate link usually lets you choose the content.

Jim, in your case, since your website is designed to market your product(s), I would be careful to avoid many ads. You can easily dilute your message. The focus of your site should be on you.
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
The same adsense spend that was dispersed among 4 million bloggers 10 years ago is now dispersed among 80 million bloggers.

It'll make you some money, but abt 1/20th of what it might have a long time ago = consider whether or not you want to dilute the content of your site by trying to get folks to click on smth related ... or not.
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