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Starting off with a new service2663

Member Natishafost private msg quote post Address this user
Ok, guys, I'm back with another question and thank you all for being so helpful it is really a great community.
So if I want to provide a service and it is new to the professional world through a website is it like setting up a common page or does it have to go through special guidelines and steps as a business. It's just I have an awesome idea to offer a specific service, and I have a blog so I know how to create a website but this is different, right?
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
@Natishafost No it's no different ... Just push it on to a website, blog, social media channel, whatever and go market it ...

Business is easy ... It's a case of knowing your audience, getting a product or service they want and then simply marketing it ...
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Natishafost Your website and blog can do anything you want them to.

Go for it, and let us know how you go!
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