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Student jmolan private msg quote post Address this user

An example of a (bit rushed) attempt to get more email sign ups. I would be interested in your critique. No seriously, I get plenty of praise (I say as a fact, not ego) but I know there are those fans who will love anything, I need more of a m-m-m-m? Why do that? Or I don't understand this?

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Member Summerbay private msg quote post Address this user
First impressions: 1. Who is your target audience? I know it's not me as this photo holds no appeal. That's okay if you know where to find your ideal audience.
2. The horizon line doesn't look perfectly horizontal. This is an easy fix but not doing it takes away for the professionalism of the photo.

I hope that helps. All the best.
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Student jmolan private msg quote post Address this user
Oh my you are so right on the horizon, I am usually not that sloppy, thanks. I will fix that before sending out the offer. My fans are used to me bouncing between boats and eagles. I have a couple diverse groups of fans. Deadliest catch fishing people and eagle/nature. It can be fun. So far it looks like seven new email sign ups since the offer.
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