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Economic, Emotional, Spiritual Entrepreneur2623

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So it appears this is where I introduce myself. I'm Phil and like many entrepreneurs have three business ventures. I always enjoy helping people as they grow in either economic, emotional, or spiritual way. I have an online business and Internet business with ecommerce and preloaded affiliate marketing; work with a suite of business class technology services that help business grow revenue and highly leverage. Their marketing expenses; I am also in certification as a facilitator of thinking into results to help groups or businesses move towards their more full potential
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Welcome to the forum!

What drew you to being an online entrepreneur?
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Can you explain to me the difference between an "online" business and an "Internet" business?
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Great to meet you!

What industry do you work in?
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Good to meet all of you as well as others who believe in collaborating and giving for others benefit! I typed in another post, I'm sure I will adapt quickly once I get familiar with this platform. I have always had an entreprenurial spirit, and seen many business models the last 35 years or so. I do have "Brick & Mortar" Service family business that I look forward to growing; and I learned many years ago about the concept of Multiple Streams of Revenue, so I'm grateful to have discovered one that works well for me and many others. I appreciate your questions.
1. Online experiences for business owners to enjoy their experience as one of simplicity, synergies, and automatic! I work with small to medium size business with a suite of business-class services and participate in the Business-to-Business space, where I get biz. owners' feedback to demonstrate customized web solutions with great technology and enhancements of websites with e-commerce, social media, content providers, online payment processing, and white label professional programs--that are supported by 24 Hr. customer service allow for those who like to do it themselves---and no compromising a high value with enticing price points.
2. I have a pre-loaded, affiliate rich, collaborative Internet Franchise that has an amazing tracking software which enables customers and also leading a team of entrpreneurs to convert their spending into earning developing a Shopping Annuity which also creates residual income for some who enjoy that kind of thing.
3. I am in the certification process to work with groups, business, or individuals as a Facilitator to Think Into Results so people and business will grow to further help their clients with solutions that a business is tasked.
4. I enjoy being part of a family business that companions people who experience a loss, with our practice in the Funeral Service Profession---helping families on their path to healing and support by honoring lives with meaningful events. We are soon transitioning from my father and other senior biz partner for managerial & equity change---as I will develop a wider variety and complementary options across all Life Milestone events as well as venues that can host business events.

Well, since you asked--I answered lol! I spare going deeper here, suffice to give a picture of what I do. Among those 4 options are ways for my Ideal Clients to benefit economically, emotionally, and spiritually!
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