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Do You Believe in Coincidences?2616

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The Christians in the forum will appreciate this more than the rest of you. The rest of you will think, "Yeah, right. Whatever!" 8-)

There are 23,145 verses in the English Bible, put there by these famous people called verse putter inners. That's my way of saying that I know the original did not have verses.

783,137 words depending on your translation used.

Earlier this year I started on a program to listen thru the Bible. I have been thru it 1.8 times = I am almost done with my second time thru.

My daughter is going to VBS (Vacation Bible School). I believe in brainwashing her while she is young ... NOT! She likes going. And it's a safe and instructive place to be during the summer.

Each day the VBS teachers toss out a Bible verse for the kids to remember. The verse is determined months ago by people far away in small rooms with whiteboards who put the curriculum together. There are multiple competitors/creators of VBS curriculum. There are lots of people who endure tons of meetings and donuts to decide which curriculum to use where and on what day of the week and time of the day.

Today my daughter was given a Bible verse to remember.

At the very same time I was in my car oblivious to what they were doing at the VBS as I was on my way to pick her up it turns out, she was being asked to memorize a verse that was exactly the same verse (one of them in the same chapter) that I was listening to in my car at the very same time - she in the classroom and me in my car on the way.

What are the odds of her learning the same 10 of 780K words that I am listening to at the very same time, with very different starting points and having been determined by random people and places?

Yet, there we were. Not only on the same page, but on the very same part of the page, the left side, 6 lines down and ... We discovered this, ahem, coincidence while we were eating lunch after we got home.

There has to be a marketing lesson of some sort here. And I think it is this.

Not a few times I have created a post only to have someone respond with something along the lines - I just had that discussion today with ... I was just thinking about that this morning when ... This question is very timely because ...

If you, or me the marketer can find the gumption and consistency to put ourselves 'out there' we can be sure that someone/s will step up and say - "Hey, were you reading my mind? thinking about me? when you wrote that?"

More doing and less thinking will get better results and more 'coincidences' it seems.

T Jefferson - "I find that the harder I work the luckier I am."

But Jefferson's sentiment does NOT explain how my daughter and I coincided today.

What's been your experience?
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Along with, and as a part of, the Law of Attraction and my other studies into time travel and the workings of the subconscious mind, I have been exploring synchronicity, the technical term for "coincidence in time" or "meaningful coincidence" (depending on whether you are looking at it from a technical or psychological perspective).

My interest in this started when I was about 14 and, as young teenage boys are want to do, I became intrigued by taking things apart and seeing if I could put them back together in working order once again.

I soon learned having parts left over once the item was "back together" was not a good sign, and I found more often then not the device I reassembled would never work again.

One day I was delving into the workings of an old radio, taking it apart, and then figuring out which tubes (it was an OLD radio) went where, and trying to hook up all the wires again. Once I had it back together I plugged it in.

No sparks or blown out fuse. A good sign.

I twisted the knob which turned it on. Click. HisssssSSSS (the increasing sound those old tube-based radios made as they warmed up and then, voila, I was listening to music. Wow!

But then I realized, as I turned the tuning dial, it wasn't my newly reassembled radio making the sounds at all. On the table where I was working was another radio; my alarm clock radio which had been set to turn on at a specific time. To be precise, the EXACT time I had turned the ON dial on my project radio.

The warm up hissing sound and the music all came from the clock radio. I became hooked on synchronicity!

I've been exploring, watching, and recording, synchronicity events since that day. I've made some significant observations, read as much as I can find, and have my own theories.

Synchronicity is a Universal process that affects every one and every thing. What it means, I'm still not sure, though I've had an idea or two about that as well.

One thing I can say is that the rate of occurrence is increasing significantly and that's another mystery to delve into.

And, Bill, don't just think about all the things that came together to lead to your own coincidence event. Consider for a moment all the things that could have happened (but didn't) in your life; indeed, in all of time; to derail this from happening at all!
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Before my mom passed away, if she saw an eagle, she'd say "that is good luck"...if she saw one, she'd always let me know. Indian lore says that spotting one is good luck (which I believe). Most of the time in this northern clime, you'd always see eagles from afar. At least in this region they are elusive and since their numbers aren't all that great, you are lucky to actually see one (pun intended).

In any case, while preparing her funeral I drove to a friend of her's to pick up some clothes (a blouse and slacks) her friend helped me with - I am not good with choosing women's clothes. But on the way to her friend's house 50 miles away, I spot this eagle sitting on a tree branch, extremely CLOSE to the road. Never saw that before. It looked beautiful....then several miles later on the same side of highway (as though I am supposed to see this one now), there is another...a bald eagle which was in the same sitting position on a tree limb SO CLOSE to the road and looking over it's shoulder as I drive by it. Not threatened or anything....just sitting there.

Many days ago, I am walking near a tree line near back of my home....I hear someone hammering on plywood in the distance (or so I thought)....then off the ground a few yards from me a huge eagle taking off and flies over the treetops - and I have NEVER encountered an eagle that close before let alone taking off from the ground (as if I was meant to see it) day along same treeline a dead maple tree with rotten branches at very top is a beautiful black eagle sitting atop the branches surveying it's domain....

I mention these occurences because never ever do you encounter these birds that often in this region. They are around of course, and if spotted, it's usually out in a field or on a deer carcass eating along side a busy road where you can expect it.

Maybe I am reading into all of this a bit too deep, but when synchronicity is mentioned, I had to respond. To top all this off, I was out along an open road and running and asked mom to give me a sign all is OK - any subtle sign would do mom, ok? Now mind you, I don't believe in divination or that, summoning I don't believe it. I want to allow nature to convey the message if it can. The next day, I am walking my dog along a wooded area and parked my car atop a higher terrain where a trail goes down the hill. I walked the dog and as we neared the car, near the back of my car along the side of the trail are two huge feathers...I took them and matched them to pics I found online. You guessed it, two eagle feathers. It made me feel good and I had to cry but the good feeling far outweighed the bad.

And what are the odds of finding eagle feathers out in the wide open like that? I have walked that area for years with the dog and NEVER find any feathers, not even partridge or raven feathers let alone eagle's. I now don't take synchronicity for granted, happens for a reason I think. Thanks for listening -
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@jmolan have you ever seen an eagle? 8-)
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@DansCartoons I must be lucky every day. I live on a property so high it's called Eagle View. Once I saw three playing in the air together. It was breathtaking.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew Everything happens for a reason. The angels are tapping our shoulders all the time. We just don't listen an awful lot.
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I once saw 2 eagles playing ... and then diving ... and then my eyes were gone. And I felt some pecking in indescribable places and and ...
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@Belew Doh!
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