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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Who has had success with videos? How do you know?

It's not only about eyeballs, views ... but conversions from watching to engagement = give you an email, download your book or contact you to know more.

Who's had success with videos? Wanna share?
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
I used to really like Blab. It was a live-stream video platform that I can only describe as being like a coffee shop. I can expand on that for anyone who hasn't already heard my take on it.

Since Blab shut down I have been wandering in the proverbial wilderness looking for a replacement but without success. There are several platforms I've tried, a small number I use, but none are as good.

As I've been exploring platforms I have also been exploring formats. I used to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday, one-hour prepared presentations, sometimes by myself, sometimes with a guest or guests. On Blab this worked well. On Zoom and other platforms it worked, but less well.

I've recently changed my format, trying 2 different approaches and I know I will keep one, and probably the other but will not use it as often. Additionally I'm kicking around different presentation styles or modalities.

I'm not sure there is any single right way. As with so many things you need to find the method best for you. Your purpose may also be different.

Bill suggests conversions are the measure of success. That is certainly true if that's your goal. If your goal is just to share information, then eyeballs or views is a valid indicator. There are many other possibilities.

I have experienced significant success with several methods; at least in the way I choose to measure success.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Belew I love using and making videos, but I'm yet to use them to convert. Then I haven't really tried.

Having said that I believe they are a powerful tool to entertain and engage.
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Student jmolan private msg quote post Address this user
I attended a video presentation locally. They said video will grab 300-400% more than a photo image. They also said Mark Z of Facebook this they will be mostly video in less than five years.
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