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Are Marketers Sleazy?2587

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Growing up, marketers were considered a sleazy bunch.

There was always someone trying to sell us something we may or may not wanted.

It was the marketer's job to make us want the product more ... whether we thought we wanted it or not.

Are marketers sleazy?

Has anything changed?

How so?

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"Where have all the marketers gone, long time passing..."

When will they ever learn? Marketing has changed. Completely. Yet gurus, and colleges, are still teaching the same old crap. Mad Men was more than just a TV show... though it ran on TV long before the show ever did! And not much has changed for Madison Avenue.

But, since the late 1990s a major paradigm shift has been under way and people who have understood and embraced it are on the leading edge of a whole new marketing bonanza.

While there are always many early adopters who often go unrecognized, this paradigm shift is rooted in Joe Vitale's awesome book, Spiritual Marketing, and Seth Godin's Permission Marketing. It was HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan who coined the phrase that has stuck and become the new meme: Inbound Marketing.

Its very nature removes, and mostly prevents, the sleaze factor, though there will be spammers, scammers, and schysters, none-the-less, so the old adage, Caveat Emtor, still applies.
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