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Have you ever felt like hiding?2586

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Therefore they inquired further of the Lord, “Has the man come here yet?” So the Lord said, “Behold, he is hiding himself by the baggage.” (I Samuel 10:22 NASB)

Samuel was about to anoint Saul as the King of Israel, yet we find him hiding among the baggage. Why? Was it because he was small in his own eyes?

Samuel had explained to Saul the plans of the Lord for him. Saul had tested his anointing and had prophesied among the prophets. His friends said of him, “What has happened to the son of Kish?” (1 Samuel 10: 11 NASB) Upon his public revealing, they had to look for him among the baggage. If God says that you can do it, it is never humility to say you can’t. It’s timidity and stupidity. It is never smart to contradict God.

I have had times in my ministry that I should have spoken out, but I didn’t. I thought that there was probably someone better than me to do it. Silence is golden justified my quietness. In these situations, I believe the color was a little more yellow than gold. At other times God had placed on my heart to do various things. There always seemed to be others who were better able to do the task. I decided that I would serve in the background and help them do it. Honorable in some cases, but it was not real service or humility in others. In fact, in some instances, it was an inverted form of pride. I focused on what I could do--or not do. Instead of what God could do through me.

Are you small in your own eyes? Has God said that you can do it? Then don’t hide among the baggage.

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Ken Barnes the author of “The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred
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@kbarnes77 Welcome! Do you think that many Seniors 50+ "hide among the baggage"? It seems like once they leave their long-term traditional jobs many seniors become confused,have no vision,and often experience anxiety and depression. And as time goes by many seniors become isolated with low self-esteem and they feel unimportant and useless. How can we get more Seniors 50+ to become active, creative, productive and prosperous in their own retirement life? Are they posturing as 'Chicken Little'-the sky is falling' OR are they part of the 'Chicken Farm' being already empowered using their own skills & talents to make this world a better place?
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Do bags under the eyes and other places make it easier to hide among the bags?

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Have you ever felt like hiding?
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