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Member teddy private msg quote post Address this user
Recently I created a page on to help a charity. I shared the page on Facebook and Twitter. There is no interest. What can I do?
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Member DansCartoons private msg quote post Address this user
Sharing on FB is OK but never enough. Invest in Facebook advertising?
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Site Admin Belew private msg quote post Address this user
Before asking ... give.

You are trying to collect money or get people engaged by appealing to their generous nature. How's that working?

First invest in people, then they will invest in you...sometimes, okay, almost never.
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

I went to and I couldn't find your page -- and I was looking for it. How does a person who has a donation to give (to anyone, to someone) find their way to your page to give it to you (your cause)?

Just because you create a page or a website doesn't mean it will be found. You need to put it in front of people. Facebook and Twitter are good starts but there are a lot of distractions keeping their members busy -- and your exposure is limited.

Spending money on facebook ads will likely eat up more than your efforts will earn for the charity. Better to set an advertising budget and donate that sum directly to the charity.

If you want to develop organic (free, focused) traffic for your charity campaign, you need to treat it just as any other. Neither a single shot, nor a shotgun spread, will do it. You need sustained, focused, activity over time.
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Student TParker private msg quote post Address this user
Talk to your followers about why you support the charity. Promote it with your words and actions. Share information relevant to the charity and the need it supports.
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