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Dear Bill
Warmest regards to you here and the others. Thank you for your invite to connect with everyone. For the nutritionist who was advised to use Wordpress --that's great! Also perhaps she can consider another platform as Skillshare; Thinkific; or Teachable all three brands help teachers not only generate revenue but also helps to augment your brand and authority. Keep well, all. Aloha, nicol for nonpareil99nourishings
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When comparing alternatives to WordPress, of significant interest should be:

• longevity -- will it likely be around as your business grows?

• feature list -- does it really have the things you need now?

• feature development -- will it continue to grow as you do?

Here's some numbers to look at when considering other platforms. The significant market share coupled with the open source development backed by major corporate ownership speaks volumes in favor of WordPress.
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Dear Rev
Wow, yours is stellar insight of above and beyond ...Your generosity shines. Thanks so much for your value driven sharing/ teaching. Sincerely, nicol
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