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Starting a blog on mental illness2531

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Reposting this from my inmail.

Hello there. I'm here to learn, but I'm not making money yet. I only live on Social Security and I pay the bills with that amount of money. I didn't know this costed money right away. I guess I don't get to learn anything.

I'm trying to start a blog. I have made one on Wordpress already. It is in the beginning phase, I'm blogging about my mental health, and planning to evolve into Gardening, healthy living, and possibly natural cleansers made from my garden down the road.

I need to learn the whole gamut of marketing down to building a brand of my own with how I develop my blog. If you checked my blog, it is just starting. I'm trying to start from the very beginning.

I have started one on Wix to try and see other layouts, but I don't know how to get it published, and I'm still working on it first. That's only had a couple of days worth of work. The Wordpress one took a couple of years to bring up my nerve to jump in and publish something.

I'm sure it won't take as long with the Wix, it seems easier. My question is, should I have separate blogs? I was going to do the other one about gardening. That will be my money maker I hope.

I'm a Christian and I was going to speak to others in my same state of Mental Illness but have everything free. I also wanted to write e-books about my walk with God and Devotionals.

From the looks of the first blog, it doesn't amount to anything yet, but I have goals, I just don't know how to put it all together yet.

Do you have any suggestions of what I can do to get started? Where I can get some ideas for a Business Plan? Someone of least expensive but knowledgeable.

I was hoping I could get my feel from your forum first before I pay. My Husband won't like me paying before I know if this is a good fit. I like the price, I'm definitely interested. I just need to look around some, and get a feel of what it entails. Please feel free to advise.
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I think this person is asking all the right questions. But, of course, we would like her to move onto WordPress.

I would suggest she ask who her blog is targeting and develop a good understanding of her niche market.

Then she start blogging ... blogging, blogging, blogging

Hop on here and get all she needs.

I constantly meet people who have no idea how to get started or they are doing it all wrong. Frustrates the life out of me.
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Does she realize (did you tell her) that she can hang out here in the open part of the forum while she acclimatizes to the point of joining the Classroom? Never drive anyone away just because they have no money.
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I did tell her that she is welcome in the free side of the forum.
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I'm interested in learning all I can here. Thank you for the invite to join. Let me get the feel of all that is here to check out.

I'm definitely interested in the payment. I just have to make sure everything is ok. I tend to be taken advantage of. I am too trusting at times, there is a learning curve in my case.

I just had an experience where I was told I had a job online and they tried to get my Bank information, my Husband figured it out before me. Par for the course I guess.

He expects me to know when I'm being scammed and I don't yet. This looks legitimate though. You're asking for money, so I have to be sure. I'd love to be taken serious. I do have a brain, just not street smarts.

It's nice to join such a great group. I've read some threads. I'd love to learn in the classroom, just give me time to feel comfortable with folks. That's all I need.

It's good to be here. I'm still working on getting a phone so maybe after I get one, you can call me. Thanks for the offer. I'm just here to say I'm interested.
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@SusanSpores take your time.
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@SusanSpores There are a LOT of people out there just trying to get money. There are even more out there trying to help you in what you are pursuing.

Yes. It can be tough to discern between them - even for those of us who have been doing this for a while.

Ask questions. Ask more questions. And when you are comfortable move forward.

This is an amazingly giving group of folks and although they might not have all the answers, I believe they will willing you help you find your way to finding the answers!
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Checking out the lay of the land before venturing into the valley is always good practice. No different here.

And a learning curve always exists -- for everyone! I've been around a bit and I know a few things and yet I still figuratively shudder every time I have to install and learn a new piece of software or app. We all do.

What we used to call "the Internet super highway" is certainly like any other "street" and figuring it out -- understanding what you are getting into -- is just common sense and good practice. Bravo for hanging on to your principles.

Susan, do hang out here when you can, read and gain from what others share, and comment when you feel you have something to say or something to ask. Many here will do their best to help and to make you feel at home. We all start at the beginning with any new activity or online "place" and we feel our way as we learn and understand what it's all about.

We're pretty forgiving here, so don't worry about making accidental errors. Many here will help you find the right path.

Now, all that said, let me ask you a few questions in my next post...
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I went to look at your blog and I had to request an invite to get access. (Done) Is your site closed (private) because the content is restricted in some way or just because you are not yet sure it is good enough to share?

If it is the latter, bite the proverbial bullet and open the site up publicly. If it's not good enough, some here will help with suggestions. And it will get better -- we all do -- with practice. Don't feel you need to delete earlier, lesser quality, items. Probably they are just fine but, if not, you can improve them as you learn what to do.

We can't help if we can't see and search engines can't index your content (important to being found) if they can't access it. Search engines don't request invites!

I'm guessing Bill's opening post in this thread was your message to him. If that is correct then you said, "I'm blogging about my mental health, and planning to evolve into Gardening, healthy living, and possibly natural cleansers made from my garden down the road."

Those are good goals which need to be made into plans and then put into action. You should ask/chat/engage here with others about this. If your main blog is about mental health, you may want to start a second blog for gardening and yet another for healthy living or you might want to write about how gardening and healthy living lead to and support mental health.

One blog or three -- there are benefits and drawbacks to each approach and we can discuss them here if you are interested.

One other "value judgement" comment...

The WordPress free blog system you have chosen to use is not the best choice for serious blogging and, perhaps, later business with natural cleansers, but it is the best of the free choices you could make for getting started. If and when you decide to move to the better (best?) choice in the future, the choice you have made now will make it very easy to change at that time. Nice.

Looking forward to chatting with you and hope to see you in the classroom when you are ready. Don't rush. Get it right. Be comfortable with your choices.
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They sent me a message from WordPress, but I had no clue what they were talking about. I don't know the workings of the language of making a blog yet.

I need something downloaded to make it public for outside people to see. I thought I'd worry about that when I learned some more.

I'm just in the beginning of working things out. One person keeps getting onto it so I know someone can see it. I was hoping it was possible to see it.

I've been publishing them since about six months ago. I don't know when I can afford to put some money into someone else doing some professional work to that particular blog.

It was my first one done. I'm having an easier time with the WIX Blog. It will be my Gardening Blog.

I think my Mental Health Blog will include my healthy living blog eventually.

My Mental Health is in a lot better shape than during the main problems I had when my hormones were wreaking havoc.

I've been eating healthier and getting a lot more sleep than when I was working. My medication dosage is a lot lower too now.

When I was working with my disorders, I needed to take high dosages to keep from Anxiety attacks during working hours. To say I was numb most of the time is putting it lightly.

To be able to work with Developmentally Disabled people with Brain Disorders that lost their cool at any time of the day, I had to keep my cool and my wits about me at all times. I learned Behavior Modification well on myself as well.

Blogging is the first time I've done something because I like to, not just because I had to for a living. It's a whole new profession to master before I get there.

I've been thinking I need help from someone who knows computer language though. That's further than I want to go. I need some kind of plugin installed for the Wordpress one to be on the search engines.

I've just been sharing that one with friends. If anyone knows how to get a website from Wordpress up and searchable, please do advise me on how. It's all new to me. I need to learn it all still.

I haven't needed to learn so much than when I learned how to use computers in the 80's to become a Medical Secretary. I spent 8-10 hours a day doing that, then 40 hours a week for about 20 years after that.

Social Marketing and Social Media is so much more intensive than just transcription and composing letters and newsletters.

It's a whole new ball of wax, I need a creative outlet though. I need a purpose to feel useful to the outside world.

I'm not letting imbalanced hormones to take over any life I have left to live! That's why I'm looking for people like you folks. Thank you for caring enough to make me feel welcomed. It's really good for me to be here. Thank you again.
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