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I wish I could find a mastermind group ...2511

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4 Kids won't reproduce as quickly as 4 rabbits might.
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I think Rev is thinking the same way I am. Give something that demonstrates your value as a resource. Then, when those 200 people go home and encounter someone who needs that resource, they will think of you. If you allow classroom access, then you remain top of mind as a valuable resource for weeks.

I am working with a pastor who is making some of these types of decisions. As part of my research, I've seen a few life coach/speakers who I feel have pushed too hard.

Adding: Maybe you already do this, but I just read about using an event app that connects everyone at the event and collects contact information. You might consider some activity or process that gets people to provide you with contact information. Then, after the event do one or two soft 'do you need anything/have any questions' emails.
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@TParker @Rev

I may be overthinking this because I see the opportunity as being one of speaking to a room of influencers.

I want to give something ro every attendee that is so cool they will think, "I need to get this into the hands of everyone in the church," and then act on that thought.

But then ... what is it I will give them?
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@Belew, you might consider creating a short handout/workbook that outlines how to create a social media team within the individual congregation/church. Show them how each church can utilize their members to evangelize on social media, with comfort and style. Within the workbook/handout you will include contact information for yourself to be brought in virtually or in person to train the leaders of those teams, information about how to connect with you on social media, and possibly information about a hands-on workshop to train team leaders that you are prepared to conduct. Of course, utilizing social media groups to gather all the team leaders to Mastermind for themselves, while encouraging them to create their own groups for their teams. At each step there is an opportunity to offer product and services to those individual church members.
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Best idea yet! Thanks.

Keep 'em coming.
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I found this to be an eye-catching question. I run a mastermind, or facilitate & participate in one. In another meetup last night a couple was announcing the start of their mastermind group(s).

Then I see the various comments and opinions and attitudes about this post.

Leaves me curious about what people really want.

@belew - what an amazing opportunity you have been presented. I know the universe will pull for you as will the 500 people in that room (I might be high on the head count).

You're on the right track. The message you deliver has zero to do with you. I have delivered many messages. Once I realized the message is not about me - it's about the receiver, my message became very clear.

I've heard you say that 500 is too many people to do a workshop for. I will share this, anytime you say something is to _____ it will be (fill in the blank). Note for yourself any of those thoughts, consider seeing the thoughts will help you redirect yourself.

Your coming here proves nothing you imagine is impossible.

Do you want an answer to your question or would you like to have people ask you questions to have you elicit the answer?

- You're the answer to these 500 people's questions and needs. I am sure you won't let them down.
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When I think of social media for the church - I think of a way to keep the congregation involved, informed, and engaged between services!

Going along the lines of what @Charlene said - I'd focus more on how to enhance the church experience with social media!

(BTW - this is what we do in our mastermind group . . . bat around ideas until someone hits one out of the park)
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Perhaps it's the marketer/evangelist in me that is more interested in how to get people there in the first place.

After getting people to the online or physical space they can be cared for.

If there is nobody there, there is nothing to do.
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