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Writing dilemas2487

Member Natishafost private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all, I mentioned before that I am a beinner and still in the process of writing my autobioraphy,and was wondering how would I incorporate my blog in my book. Any ideas please share
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

How many blog posts do you have.
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Member gspieler private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Natishafost:

To understand you, you are writing your memoir? And, you have blog posts. As I'm not sure of the subject matter in your blog posts, if they are related, you may want to use them as chapters?

Question: What is your strategy in terms of blocking out your book? Not critical, but a way to see where you are going.

Also, more advice: Have you read Anne Lamont's book "Bird by Bird," It is a fantastic read on writing. She coined the phrase: "Shitty First Draft."

That means you need to just get the book written knowing you will need to go back and revise many time. However, if you wait to write until you think it will be perfect, it will just never happen. Just get it down.

Hope I didn't overwhelm you.
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
@Natishafost Some people create a book from blog posts, but I think this is too difficult. It would be hard to create a story which flowed well.

I am writing a non fiction book which I will repurpose into blog posts.

This is okay if your audience is the same.

But @gspieler hit it on the head - just start writing or it will never get started.
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Member Natishafost private msg quote post Address this user
Yes I think it would be very difficult to combine the two, but I guess I will go through the post again and see if I can use some of the material in the appropriate areas, thank you for the feedback
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