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I am interested in manipulating myself to do better at curation of content for my Blog and White Papers.
I recently discovered the software tool ... Curation Suite. It is very interesting. But seems to start at $97.00 one time and offer more if you spend more.

Please tell me; does anyone have any experience with Curation Suite or a competitive offering?

Please comment.


Before posting this I read:

@SusanDay 's interesting post
Content creation through mind mapping
That thread included @SunilBhaskaran 's interesting suggestion about
Google search for free mind mapping tool software (downloadable).
Susan's thread also included @Rev 's comment that he:
.... keeps a standard spiral bound 70 page student note book on the desk beside my keyboard. I'm always writing things down, exploring idea, making lists, organizing thoughts.
I have done the same. But found it hard to find particular topics.

And I read
@Steve 's interesting post
Nine Tips for Creating Content for Books
That thread included @tammysoffices 's interesting comment about designrr
But I could not get to any interesting info at the designrr site
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Member rufus222 private msg quote post Address this user
Instead of a paper notebook by my desk, I primarily enter thoughts and notes in OneNote. Chrome has a Web clipping plugin for One Note that lets me clip the page, just the article, or just a clipped portion. I add a note that includes any tags, keywords in square brackets.

I can search on all notes to find particular reaources.

Office Lens on my phone and tablet also allows taking pictures of whiteboards, paper pages, etc, and adding to OneNote. I also add tags in square brackets to these so I can search on keywords.
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Member Jonnner private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @rufus222

Thanks for your response. Your OneNote process is interesting. I had been thinking of two sources of content:

- Feeds of content based on entering URLs for websites that you have identified before (there are tools for this)
- Tools that help you find content on a particular topic (phrase). This was what I was thinking about as being most needed.

Your method of recording ideas and "visited" materials is interesting.

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Student TParker private msg quote post Address this user
I use Buffer for social media and subscribe to several RSS feeds (through Buffer). Reading through the feeds helps me find topical content. I then use to create themed newsletters. Another product, Simply Posted, also curates via RSS feeds. You can also find social media content by using hashtag searches.
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Member Jonnner private msg quote post Address this user
Hi @TParker,

Thank you for sharing.

Buffer looks interesting to me. Using hashtag searches is so obvious. But, I have not been doing it. Thank you.

Finding Trending content using the Listening Engine in Curation Suite is attractive; but expensive.

Best Regards,
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user

Lots of great ideas above. RSS is a useful structure native to WordPress. There are several plugins to take advantage of this. You can see one example on WizardsPlace - - under Social on the main menu... RSS Aggregation. You'll find a couple of our members represented there, too.
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Member Jonnner private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your thoughts.

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