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5 Ways to Add a Link to Your Site2418

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Lots of folk want to add a link to their site for whatever reason.

This thread is not abt reasons but about ways.

5 ways you can get people to take a look at your website.

1. Put your website info in your profile.

Click to see => my Bill Belew Forum Profile. My profile has been viewed 8,938 times. No kidding. Take a look. Really.

2. Be so cool and active that people will wonder who you are and where else they might find you and what else you know ... and they will go looking for you elsewhere. If you are cool, people will want to know more about you.

3. Be a student in the classroom. Click => 7 reasons to do become a student and one of them is permission to post links to your site.

4. Ask me abt becoming a teacher. If you got what it takes I'll consider it. We do NOT want everybody and anybody jumping in and peddling their stuff. If you can make a difference in people's lives and can prove that ... let me know. Then maybe you can be a teacher ... and put up links to your site along with these 9 other reasons to be a teacher.

5. Inmail the person/s you want to look at your site. Do NOT inmail everyone at random and say "look at me." That's stupid and you'll be found out.
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Bravo! Well stated.
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