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100+ Famous Brands that Use WordPress2417

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Got a client who is him-hauling abt whether to use WordPress or not? Maybe they want to do their own thing.

Here are 100+ Famous Brands that Use WordPress.


Mercedes Benz


Walt Disney Company
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Teacher Rev private msg quote post Address this user
A popular site right now is SquareSpace (Google it!)

Here are 27 Reasons Why WordPress Crushes Squarespace Every Time

Many of these apply to almost any other website platform choice.

There is a reason or two for why WordPress is now used by nearly 25% of all websites and about 60% of all content management systems.

I know a little bit about websites. I've hand-coded sites for multi-national corporations, large membership associations, multi-vendor ecommerce sites, and lots of mom-an-pop, work-from-home, solopreneur sites. It took me a while to come to the party on WordPress but once I got there and saw what it did I never looked back. It is the go-to choice for almost any kind of website you want to create. There are so many good reasons to choose it, and so few reasons not to, that I find it hard to understand why any people choose not to use it.

What's your reason?
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I use WordPress because of the plugins and the different types of security features. It is easy to use and update.
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Top Contributor Steve private msg quote post Address this user
For those in Australia uses Wordpress... its the largest news website in AU
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Teacher SusanDay private msg quote post Address this user
I use WordPress because Bill made me.. lol,

And, I'm really glad he did
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I am on Squarespace currently. How do I change? I suppose I can figure it out.
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