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I know that growing readership and also building success all comes back to sharing and helping. I was wondering if there is a simple way (i.e. plugin) that will allow me to provide snippets of websites content automatically on a single page.

Here is my thinking - I want to create a page on a website that will be connected to our members and when they post to their website it automatically links on ours.


Would it be better to set them up in a feed that I can check weekly and update accordingly?

PS - I think I may have had too much coffee this morning. The ideas are on high speed
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It's a great idea and one I've been working on as well, but I've yet to find a good way to do it. Doing it "manually" each week takes lots of time. One group I am part of, Chronic Illness Bloggers, has a PRIVATE fb page with a post pinned to the top each Monday morning. We each can post ONE blog link there per week. Admins then take those links and put them out on the public page PLUS each of! us that post a link look through as many as we can and share the links we think our readers will be interested in. I'm actually planning to start a similar set up with Civil War/ History Bloggers...but I'd love something more automated! Keep me in the loop PLEASE. This topic is important to me for sure!
Have a great week...and another cup of coffee! I'll have one too and who knows what we'll come up with!
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Hi Kathryn!

Not totally sure I understand totally so pleas accpept my apologizes if Im wrong.

Did you check a tool called "feedly"? By following blogs, you have all updates straight away in one page. It shows the title, picture and beginning of the post. Then each artile can be read in the app or you can open it to another tab.

Its free to use.

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@Sab5151 Hi Sabrina! I tested out "Feedly" and I was able to find some new blogs for my Seniorpreneur Project. Is there a difference between "Feedly" and Google Alerts?
Thanks for this new Blog following tool!

Joe W.
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If you look at WizardsPlace - -- and pull down the "Social" menu (main menu, to the right) you will find "RSS Aggregation". Go to that page and you will find, I think, what you are asking about. This is created using a plugin called WP RSS Aggregator.

Since all self-hosted WordPress installations have an RSS feed by default it is a relatively easy thing to receive content from them and a plugin like this one (there are several to choose from) makes it a breeze to add it to your site.
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@Rev - YES - perfect!
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@KathrynLang you might also like to check out

This is something I've been looking at.
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