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What's cheap can't be .... Something?2381

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Quite early in my life, someone very dear and important to me, learned me a lesson or two. One of the lessons was 'Transferring Knowledge'. Not any knowledge is I found out some later in life.

I was thought there are thirty three Universal Principles and not all are past on and sometimes you run into them, sometimes not even recognizing them as such.

And sometimes you see people, exclaiming, to be the inventor of something so Powerful, So Strong, yet, surely, it's not for everybody. It is for those with well filled wallets. Oddly enough that what was exclaimed, are no more, no less, than ancient Universal Principles.

Luckily they forget to mention the red threat of it all, or could it be they aren't aware of just that, making something like 'the secret' no more than a commercial product.

My mission today's is to freely hand it away in understandable fashion. Its fitting in all kinds of main stream religion or philosophy. free of charge. Sometimes serious, sometimes with an eyeblink.

What say thee
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You have a lot to share. Speak to Bill (@Belew) about becoming a teacher in The Classroom.
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Might be a nice idea. Honored for the idea. Thank you
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