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What are next steps after marketing?2365

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In another thread I asked, "Where's the problem in this scenario?"

I had this exchange with the client -

Me: you and I should talk abt conversions ...
we are getting traffic ... visitors free and paid .. and attendees to the events ...
but no money ... we need to figure out why

Him: yes, this is the most important thing we need to figure it out

Me: I explained above that you have a LOT of good visits ... but no buyers ... if ppl are coming but not buying it's usually a problem with the seller
message is not clear, price is not right ... or the product is a mismatch for the visitor

Him: lets meet one day
i need to go now, talk to you later

Me: sure...

(A day later ...)

Him: Tell me what you think when you see our <clip> Package on <clip> What you like and what you do not like as a <clip>

Me: This is NOT an easy answer. You asked me to bring people to the site ... to you ... I have and am doing that. That's marketing. Now you want me to tell you what they want ... that's customer research. ... you want me to collect money ... that's sales. And you want me to help you develop a product, too? That's product development ... we should find more time to talk f2f.

What are my next steps?
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Find out what his customers want / are looking for and provide a free eBook.

If this doesn't work or get results - change it

A/B testing is important.
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